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Summer Play Festival 2016: If Not Now, When?



Thur-Sun July 15th-31st 


The Black and Blonde by Lesley Moreau

Directed by Melinda Marr

Karina is not ready to face the truth about what happened to her. Even though Beth is a total stranger-she is the only one who can help Karina. An examination of the similarities between the grisly murders and lives of The Black Dahlia and Boston's Swedish Nanny. Both of the characters are wrestling with what happened to them and the struggles of being victims of a cold case. If there crimes will never be solved, when will their voices ever be heard.

Dahlia: Angelina Morales

Nanny: Elizabeth Jelinek


Pipe Dream by Samantha deManbey

Directed by Preston Graveline*

Every day we get closer to the point where there will be no way of reversing the worst effects of climate change. Despite her involvement in protests and activist groups, Alice feels her efforts and others are not enough. When a natural gas pipeline and facility are constructed in her hometown, Alice feels she must do everything she can to stop it. But what will her options be after she exhausts all peaceful means?

Alice: Miranda Reilly

Jake: Griffin Ostrowski


We have to tell Jacob by George Smart

Directed by Preston Graveline*

A reverse coming out story that explores a parental conflict about disclosing information to a child.

Alan: Vincent Morreale

Elizabeth: Leandra Sharron

Jacob: Alec Shiman


Why You Should Send me to Mars by Marc Harpin

Directed by Elizabeth DuPre

A young slacker literally on the edge of a momentous — if ill-considered and extremely unlikely -- attempt to jump-start his stalled life.

Violet: Jeanette Lake

Jackson Parker: Griffin Ostrowski


Jacks and Queens by M. Lynda Robinson

Directed by Mary Elizabeth Peters

Two elderly people meet at a nursing home. He lives life full-out, with joy every minute. She is conservative, sad, living in the past. They come together over talk of pinochle, sweat suits, and moaning with the mourning doves.

Male: Robert Cornell

Female: Holly Escott


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