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Dancing Wilde

Adapted by Elizabeth DuPré and Nicole Howard

Directed and Choreographed by Danielle Lucas


Boston Actors Theater ended the 10th anniversary season with a devised work inspired by two of Oscar Wilde's fairy tales. Directed & Choreographed by Producing Artistic Director, Danielle Lucas, DANCING WILDE is a movement adaption of Wilde's The Birthday of the Infana & The Young King, with a few Oscar Wilde surprises in-between. This adaption by the members of the cast and company is lead by local Playwrights Elizabeth Dupre (playwright in resident) & Nicole Howard (company member).


The Cast (playing multiple characters):

Drew Linehan *

Paul Ezzy *

Laurie Singletary *

Bailey Libby *

Damon Singletary

Josh Coleman

Kendall Aiguier

Nick Miller

Anneke Reich

Kelly Conrad

* Denotes Company Member


June 13th through 28th at Boston Playwrights' Theatre.