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Summer 2012, Boston Actors Theater teamed with our friends at Happy Medium Theatre and Heart & Dagger Productions to bring the Boston community one of the most hauntingly visceral shows ever written:

Polaroid Stories

by Naomi Iizuka


Winner of Best Ensemble: 2012 Broadway World Awards

Named Best of Boston Theatre 2012: The Hub Reviews

Winner of Best Ensemble: Hubbie Awards Fall 2012

Nominated for Best Ensemble for My Entertainment World

"Three of Boston's hottest fringe theatre companies have teamed up to bring a fantastically executed production of Naomi Iizuka's Polaroid Stories to the Boston Center for the Arts." ~Brian Balduzzi~


Directed and choreographed by Joey C. Pelletier and Elise Weiner Wulff, with assistance from Mikey DiLoreto. Lighting designed by Michael Clark Wonson. Set designed by Sean A. Cote. Sound designed by Tony Knapp.


Starring: Danielle Leeber Lucas as Philomel, Mikey DiLoreto as D, Elizabeth Battey as Echo, Erin Rae Zalaski as SkinheadGirl, Kiki Samko as Persephone, Michael Underhill as Narcissus, Amy Meyer as Daphne, Michael Caminiti as SkinheadBoy, Jesse Wood as G, Robyn Linden as Semele, Melissa DeJesus as Eurydice, and Luke Murtha as Orpheus.


Featuring a dance-infused ensemble: Nicole Howard, Lauren Elias, Sarah Sixt, Kate Shanahan, and Denise Drago.


Naomi Iizuka's 1997 play, Polaroid Stories, consciously uses stories, characters and themes from Ovid's Metamorphoses to tell the stories of street kids living on the edge in a desolate, urban landscape. Because these characters are named after Orpheus and Eurydice, and Echo and Narcissus, or based on stories of Dionysus, and Ariadne and Theseus, and because scenes are entitled "The Story of Semele" or "Theseus in the Labyrinth," Iizuka creates a world that has two dimensions: the gritty realm of drug dealers, homeless kids, and prostitutes and the realm of self-fashioning and shape-shifting gods. By blending these two dimensions, Iizuka comments on several Ovidian themes: the relationship of the gods to humans, women as victims, and the power of story-telling.


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On behalf of Boston Actors Theater, we would like to thank the following donors for so generously supporting our KickStarter campaign:


Rick Park, Anat Sagi, Cassie M. Seinuk, and Terry Torres.


Maggie Carmany, Krista D'Agostino, Marlee Delia, Derek Nelson Fraser, Caryn Hirsch, David Levinson, Robyn Linden, Christina Malanga, Amy Meyer, David Miller, Lesley Anne Moreau, Daneil Morris, Daniel Schuettinger, Meg Taintor, Meredith Tardiff, Molly Yarn.


David S. Brenner, Anne Continelli, Denise Drago, Lauren Elias, Linda Farnham, Brian Halligan, Stephen Kyle, David Lucas, Bob Mussett, William Schuller, Deb Shea, Yael Shy, S. Zalaski, Andy Zelenak.


Elizabeth Battey, Deirdre Benson, Shirley Browne, Aaron Cohen, Tara Dykens, Dawn Gelino, Bob & Joyce Link, Jen McCoy, Vincent Morreale, Karen Raps, Audrey Lynn Sylvia.


Elaine Brooks, Bernice Cramer, Catherine Cramer, Richard St. Germain, Susanne Morreale Leeber.