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by Julian Olf

Directed by Anna Trachtman


When the red-necked gambler Ernie learns that his gay identical twin Jonathan has died, Ernie offers to impersonate the deceased to help his Lebanese widow Zaida get her green card. The scheme requires that he take a crash course in the life of a brother he hardly knew and on the details of a highly unconventional marriage. Zaida finds Ernie repugnant and knows his scheme won't work, but she has her own reasons for wanting him to impersonate Jonathan. Over the course of two days, Ernie navigates farcical encounters with many characters from his brother’s life. The encounters escalate to a high stakes battle that brings Zaida and Ernie to the threshold of a promising relationship.


Zaida: Jennifer Reagan*
Ernie: James Bocock
Mrs. Higgins: Maureen Adduci
Aisha Khoury: Laurie Singletary
Ibrahim Khoury: William Bloomfield
Robert/Harry Harriman: Andrew Hicks
(* Company Member)


September 6th - 21st at Boston Playwrights Theater